The Apostle Paul and His Influence on the Church and World

The Apostle Paul and His Influence on the Church and World

23 Lessons

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This twenty-four session series is a college level class on the Book of Romans. Providing powerful content and insight on the Apostle Paul’s majestic work, Dr. Simmons teaching is easily understood and comprehended by all adults with an interest in God’s grace and the awesome scope of Redemption. This series, which was developed with a Sunday morning adult Bible class in mind, provides a six month curriculum taught by one of the best Pentecostal New Testament scholars and instructors. The workbook required with this series is the Bible, or the Book of Romans itself, as one important goal of the class is to draw believers into the study of God’s Word. Romans is a letter from Paul that has captured interest and study of the greatest theologians and Christian leaders and should be read regularly by all believers. 

About Williams Simmons

William A. Simmons is professor of New Testament studies and Greek at Lee University. He has taught New Testament studies and Greek for over twenty years in Europe and the United States. His specialty is in Pauline studies. The theological continuity between the historical Jesus and the apostle Paul served as the basis for his PhD dissertation. Dr. Simmons’ commitment is not only to the academy but also to the church. Peoples of the New Testament World draws upon these rich and varied experiences.