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Christian Observances

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Teaching on Pentecost

This is a series of teaching on the meaning and significance of the Day of Pentecost and the ramifications for all believers today.

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Pentecostal Sacraments

In this series Daniel Tomberlin offers a full-length treatment of the theology and practice of Pentecostal sacraments.

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Holy Week

The Holy Week study takes us through some of the events of Jesus’ last week leading up to his crucifixion and death.

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Christ and Culture

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The Bible, Sexuality, & Culture

increasingly problematic. How are people—especially Evangelicals and other conservative Christians—supposed to respond?

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Christian Culture

We hear a lot about the “culture wars,” but very few people, including Christians, truly understand what this means and what is involved.


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Eschatology and Interpreting Scripture

Gary Demar surveys the history of those prophesying “end times” and the modern evangelical fascination with the rapture and when that takes place.

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The Man of Sin – 2nd Thessalonians 2

Who is this man and when does he live? Is this someone yet to be born, or was he alive in Paul’s day? Or somewhere in-between?

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Matthew 24: A Discussion of Scripture, Interpretation, & Application

teaching on when the end of world would be and when He would return.

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Historical Studies

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Trek Through Church History

This series is a historical survey of the development of Christian doctrine that takes a look at the people and issues that were behind defending and advancing the Faith.


U.S. Christian History

Dr. Pafford takes us through an intriguing and engaging historical presentation of the Providential Founding of Our Nation.

Leadership Development

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Revival & Organization

As Pentecostals, we often crave revival, with the evidence being people added to the church and lives transformed.

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Coaching Leaders through Nehemiah

Pastor Page covers vital areas of leadership exemplified by Nehemiah’s life and work.

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Customizing Ministry

Churches differ by geography, culture, local needs and spiritual gift mixes.

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Music & Worship

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Focus on Music Ministry in the Church

In the first of two conversations focusing on the local church, Steve Allen discusses the importance of music in congregational worship, specifically from a Pentecostal perspective.

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Equipping Worship Leaders

Many music ministers are recruited to lead a congregation in music, song and worship without adequate understanding of the requirements to minister effectively. Certifications

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Coaching Leaders through Nehemiah – Seminary

This course explores the leadership qualities Nehemiah used to complete what is considered by many as the most amazing projects on record: Rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem in just 52 days.

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Customizing Ministry – Seminary

This five-session series assists pastors who are transitioning from one church to another as they seek to fulfill their calling in new settings.


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Teaching Prayer

This four-session presentation comes from the longer series: Matthew: Through the Gospel, A conversation on the first Gospel. It covers teaching on the Lord’s Prayer.

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Praying the War Psalms as Spiritual Warfare

Although the Psalms are much beloved by readers of the Bible, some hostile language in individual psalms may be disconcerting. Are these seemingly vindictive prayers acceptable in the mouths of Christians?

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Personal Prayer

This is a four-session series on prayer. Two of the sessions are Kelvin Page’s sermons to his Westmore Church of God congregation and two are conversations between Craig Dumont and Kelvin Page that arose from the sermons.]

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Studies of the Word

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The Life of Abraham

In many ways, Abraham can be called the first Christian. Even though he lived two thousand years before Christ.

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A Study of 1st Peter

In this letter, Peter spoke much about persecution, which anticipated the persecution he and other Christians would endure, not only in his day, but throughout the history of the church.

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Genesis as Torah

As the introductory book to the Torah, Genesis must first and foremost be read as legal instruction for Israel.

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Doctrine of Ascension

The feast celebrating The Ascension of Christ was one of the most important feast days on the church calendar for the first 1,500 years! Today it is almost an afterthought.

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A Robustly Pentecostal Approach to Salvation

Dr. Tony Richie teaches a 10 session series on the important topic of the scope of our salvation. Salvation is a wondrous gift from God and so much more than simply being rescued from hell.

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Doctrine of the Church

This series provides an excellent introduction into a largely neglected doctrine that is of great importance to Pentecostal churches today – the doctrine of the Church.

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