Important Bible doctrines are set out and taught in ways useful for both ongoing personal learning/refreshment and adult Bible classes.
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A Robustly Pentecostal Approach to Salvation

Dr. Tony Richie teaches a 10 session series on the important topic of the scope of our salvation. Salvation is a wondrous gift from God and so much more than simply being rescued from hell.

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Covenant & Kingdom: The DNA of the Bible

Dr. Jack Carter talks about the importance of understanding covenant and how that relates to God’s kingdom.

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Death and Resurrection

As the church has moved away from preaching about death and, consequently, the hope and joy of bodily resurrection, non-Christian institutions have stepped in to offer alternatives.

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Doctrine of Ascension

The feast celebrating The Ascension of Christ was one of the most important feast days on the church calendar for the first 1,500 years! Today it is almost an afterthought.

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Doctrine of the Church

This series provides an excellent introduction into a largely neglected doctrine that is of great importance to Pentecostal churches today – the doctrine of the Church.


Doctrine of the Word

This course covers the importance of the doctrine of the Word of God, with an emphasis, though not solely, upon 2 Timothy 3:16-17.

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Doctrine of Trinity

The series provides an introduction to the Trinity, Comments on the Trinity and the Theology of the Trinity.

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Essentials of Pentecostal Theology

Essentials of Pentecostal Theology integrates Pentecostalism's roots with its mature development and engages various voices along the way.

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Impartation & Laying on of Hands

This series provides a serious, comprehensive Biblical study of the Doctrine of Impartation with an emphasis upon the Doctrine of Laying on of Hands.

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Paul as Theologian

Paul was the church’s first and greatest theologian. If Christianity means trusting and following Jesus Christ, then nothing could be more important than understanding what He is all about.