God's house is meant to be a house of prayer, and prayer is our primary means of communication with our Heavenly Father.
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Groaning in the Spirit

Groaning in the Spirit is an important part of prayer as the Spirit Himself makes intercession through us in a supernatural means.

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Personal Prayer

This is a four-session series on prayer. Two of the sessions are Kelvin Page’s sermons to his Westmore Church of God congregation and two are conversations between Craig Dumont and Kelvin Page that arose from the sermons.]

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Prayer Changes Things

One striking difference between our Christian forebears and us is their repeated emphasis on prayer and our comparative de-emphasis of it. They prayed frequently and fervently. We pray infrequently and languidly.

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Praying the Breath of Life

This series was created to help the disciple of Christ receive divine oxygen to both live and thrive in an intimate relationship with Jesus.

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Praying the War Psalms as Spiritual Warfare

Although the Psalms are much beloved by readers of the Bible, some hostile language in individual psalms may be disconcerting. Are these seemingly vindictive prayers acceptable in the mouths of Christians?

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Teaching Prayer

This four-session presentation comes from the longer series: Matthew: Through the Gospel, A conversation on the first Gospel. It covers teaching on the Lord’s Prayer.