Paul as Theologian

Paul as Theologian

6 Lessons

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Paul was a theologian. In fact, he was the church’s first theologian and, no doubt, its greatest theologian. If Christianity means trusting and following Jesus Christ as the crucified and risen Lord, then nothing could be more important than understanding what Jesus Christ is all about.

Paul tells us what Jesus Christ is all about. This is why we should be concerned with, and listen carefully to, Paul. This series of lectures gets at the heart of Paul the man and Paul the theologian and his central convictions and teachings. After absorbing these lectures, you’ll understand what makes Paul perennially important in the Bible and the history of the church.

About P. Andrew Sandlin

P. Andrew Sandlin is Founder & President of the Center for Cultural Leadership. He is also faculty of Blackstone Legal Fellowship of the Alliance Defending Freedom; the H. Evan Runner International Academy for Cultural Leadership of the Ezra Institute for Contemporary Christianity; and the De Jong Distinguished Visiting Professor of Culture and Theology of Edinburg Theological Seminary.

He founded CCL in 2001 with the conviction that only eminently equipped cultural leaders will actually create a new Christian culture — and that only transformed Christians can transform the present anti-Christian culture of the West.

Andrew was born into a devout Christian home. He has been preaching and teaching and lecturing for 30 years. A consummate eclectic, Andrew has been a pastor, assistant pastor, youth pastor, Sunday school superintendent, Christian day school administrator, home school father, foundation’s executive vice president, journal editor, scholar, author and itinerant speaker.

An interdisciplinary scholar, he holds a B. A. in English, history, and political science (University of the State of New York); he was awarded an M. A. in English literature (University of South Africa); he has taken doctoral work in English (Kent State University); and he holds a doctorate in Sacred Theology summa cum laude (Edinburg Theological Seminary). He is a member of the Evangelical Theological Society.

He is married and has five adult children and three grandchildren.