Essentials of Pentecostal Theology

Essentials of Pentecostal Theology

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Essentials of Pentecostal Theology is something of a grassroots theology. It integrates Pentecostalism’s roots with its mature development and engages various voices along the way. It acknowledges that Pentecostal theology today speaks with various accents and there are some internal conflicts but clear representative perspectives are evident. Of course, it addresses major controversies over sanctification and the Godhead.

Further, Essentials of Pentecostal Theology offer a description of Pentecostalism (like Wesley) rather than a propositional definition. The theology is developed via attention to the unchanging Christ (ala Heb 13:8); experiencing God’s presence in worship and prayer through the Holy Spirit; and, the full (fivefold) gospel, with a biblical and classical framework and theological and pastoral paradigm with missional emphasis. The course also insists on and develops crucial commitments to the doctrine of subsequence and initial evidence and explicate the purpose of Spirit Baptism and significance of glossolalia or speaking in tongues. 

Throughout this course the instructor endeavors to maintain both continuity with our Pentecostal heritage and creativity regarding current needs for development and growth.

Tony Richie, Special Lecturer in Theology at Pentecostal Theological Seminary (Cleveland, TN) and Lead Pastor at New Harvest Church of God (Knoxville, TN), is author of more than a hundred articles, essays, and book chapters on theology as well as several books including most recently Pentecostal Explorations of Holiness Today: Words from Wesley, co-authored with Randall Howard, former general overseer of the Church of God of Prophecy. Richie has traveled to over 30 countries preaching the gospel and teaching theology as well engaging in ecumenical and interreligious activism, cooperation, and dialogue. He is currently involved with local initiatives in Knoxville and throughout East and Middle Tennessee. Dr Richie is also President of the Board of Directors of Appalachian Ministries Educational Resource Center as well as serving on the Tennessee World Missions Board for the Church of God (Cleveland, TN).