Leadership Development

Two types of resources are provided here: Pastoral/Theological Leadership established through doctrinal knowledge and practice needed to a shepherd who can truly “feed [Christ’s] sheep,” — perhaps the most important area of leadership advancement needed for congregations today, and Leadership Technique based on principles built upon the Word of God.
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Coaching Leaders through Nehemiah

Pastor Page covers vital areas of leadership exemplified by Nehemiah’s life and work.

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Customizing Ministry

Churches differ by geography, culture, local needs and spiritual gift mixes.

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Pastoral Care

The core idea of “pastoral care” is that pastors are to care. The word pastor comes from the Latin word for “shepherd.”


Pastoral Care: The Kerygma, The Didache, The Paraklitis

This series provides teaching to underscore the vital necessity of focusing ministry on The Good News, Sound Doctrine, and The Work of the Holy Spirit.


Raising Money for Ministry

This four-part series is built around the acronym C.A.S.H. to provide a framework to organize your money raising requests around.

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Revival & Organization

As Pentecostals, we often crave revival, with the evidence being people added to the church and lives transformed.

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Sermon Preparation

This series features insights and methods of preachers with a proven track-record of developing and delivering powerful sermons passionately crafted from the Word of God.

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The Importance of Fathers

In the midst of a dramatic cultural shift that has been decades in the making, the Biblical role of fathers has been systematically undermined and minimized.