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We deliver biblically-based, ongoing pastoral education, staff training, and church curriculum. Our content is created from a Pentecostal worldview, and our goal is to provide pastors access to the highest quality resources from experienced pastors and knowledgable, gifted teachers from seminaries and Bible schools.

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We offer a collection of the most valuable and practical resources giving you access to an extensive library of resources, curriculum, and training materials from leading Pentecostal scholars.

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The content at Pentecostal Pastor is presented by many of the leading Pentecostal scholars from around the world.
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Terry Cross
Kelvin Page
Brian Peterson
Wayne Brewer
Mark Barber
Mark Barber
Mark Barber
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Kelvin Page

Kelvin Page

Coaching Leaders
Through Nehemiah

Skip Jenkins

Skip Jenkins

Trek Through
Church History

Tony Richie

Tony Richie

Essentials of
Pentecostal Theology

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